Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm a huge "data nerd"

I love data.  It's fun.  Check out my weekly distances from Strava (also Why Strava Doesn't Suck).  Look improvement!  A steady increase in mileage over the last 5 week.  I will also be getting a real GPS soon, an early birthday present from the husband.  More data!

I did the entire race course this weekend, the missing bridge is back, plus the 2 miles to and from the park.  23.9 miles, the most I've ever done according to Strava.  AND I even had my very first on-trail flat tire, which I fixed all by myself, something I haven't done since I was a kid (we used butter knives instead of tire levers back then).  It did end up taking me about a half hour (during which time at least 30 people asked if I was okay, or had everything I needed which was nice but got annoying after about 10).  So I can do it.  I can ride my bike 20 miles.  Of course my speed was still 8.4 mph.  Still not fast enough to do it in 2 hours.  I went back and looked at the results from last year again.  While all the women finished in 2 hours, there was one guy who did 2:20 (he probably had a mechanical or something but I'll take it), and I'll be racing at the same time as the people doing 30miles so I won't be the absolute last person out on the trail.  I hope.  Well I have 3 more weeks anyway.  I'm going to go hard again this week.  I think I'll do intervals Tuesday and Thursday and maybe speed work Saturday, then "taper" down for 2 weeks to "peak" (I learn these things from the husband).  I guess.  Meh.

Didcha know one time in 9th grade I really was the very very last person to finish a cross country race?  I wasn't fast or in shape anyway (notice a theme?  I've never been fast.) but I forgot my running shoes on the bus and was wearing flip-flops.  I tried to borrow my sister's shoes (my sister who is 6" shorter than me) and they were too small.  I ended up taking them off half way through the race and finishing in my socks, walking most of it.  The picture of me crossing the finish line with the shoes in my hand made the high school year book even though I didn't actually go there yet (9th graders were still at the junior high but did sports with the high school).  So yeah, wouldn't be the first time.

Oh, and yeah, one more thing, since since this started about my love of data, I also think I've mentioned that I've been dieting. I'm going to sneak in a little brag on that here, I've lost 12lbs since Sept (check out my fun graph!  I've also got one that goes all the way back to July 2010 when I had my last kid).  I actually have a little bump at the bottom of my quad muscle above my knee.  It's awesome.   I'm again going to give it one more week then pump my calories back up to maintenance (2300 vs. 2000) for the 2 weeks before the race.  Maybe that will magically make me go 10 mph.  Yeah, no.  Probably not.  (Oh and if you don't know me, I'm 5'9", just to put some context to those weights).

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