Friday, April 3, 2015

Race Schedule

It's a been a few months.  Well, I did officially join Pedal Pushers Racing.  I'm helping with the website and facebook.  I bought and started a training plan from LW Coaching (Cat 2 XC), I have a team kit, I got some new "racing" tires from Maxxis and am going to go "tubless".  It's official.  I'm a mountain bike racer.  It's a little scary.  I am still a little embarrassed about it, although I am trying not to be.  I'm trying to be more confident, and less self-disparaging, after reading this great blog from IMBA. I actually AM getting a little faster (according to Strava) and even a little better so that feels good.  We took the family out to Fruita and I think I did pretty well, better than normal with the rocks, and felt pretty comfortable on the scary Zippity Do-Da trail.

My planned race schedule right now is:
May 9th: Battle the Bear Appitizer (20mi)
June 6th: ERock Sunrise to Sunset on a 5 person team (12-18mi)
June 14th: Beti Bike Bash Sport (12mi)
July 18th: Breckenridge 32
Aug 22nd: Excel Roofing King of the Rockies (25mi)

The Breckenridge 32 is pretty hard, 5000ft of climbing and 32 miles with a good amount of technical.  The most I've ever ridden is 22 miles with 1800ft of climbing.  So that's my BIG goal.  I'm not going to sign up or commit to it until I'm sure I can finish, and I'd like to pre-ride it some too.  But it's cool to have a big goal.  I think.